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JukinVideo | Getting a Pink Bedroom Prank

Getting a Pink Bedroom Prank

  • "On July 4th 2012 my Facebook account was hacked by my little brother. He changed all personal information to humiliate me: From changing my profile picture to that of Justin Bieber to adding very explicit sexual content and 'likes' to my Facebook wall. Rather than pay him back by altering his Facebook account I decided to play a far worse prank on him. While he was away on holiday I spent a week posting request for 2nd hand girls stuff on closed Facebook groups in my home town. A lot of people donated their good just for me to be able to play this prank on him. Two days before he returned from holiday, me and seven of my friends remodeled his room to a little girls room. We went overboard on it: Wrote a diary on behalf of him; hid sex toys in his room; photoshopped pictures of him as a girl on parties with girlfriends and even took out his door so he wouldn't have any privacy at all. It has been a week right now and although he really dislikes his room he is still too lazy to change it back."

  • Publisher: jukinmedia
  • Category: Pranks | Tags: prank pranks bedroom
  • Views: 9282 | JV Number: 2457
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